ponpon.my - How to get started? (For Merchant)

Don't know how to get started?

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In this video we will show you how to get started with ponpon.my as a merchant.

So, how do merchant get started? Firstly, you go to "go.ponpon.my/merchant". And you log in with your Facebook account. Once, you have logged in, you should create at least one Business Profile to manage. With your business profile done, you can start creating and managing your coupons on Cloud. That’s when you access the ponpon.my coupon cloud platform.

Now, let’s start with coupon creation. You just need to follow FIVE simple steps. Simply enter the offer details, set up the terms and conditions, select the outlets that you want to run this coupon deal, upload the coupon image, and finally create it.

Once you have the coupon created, you can start pushing it to your target audience. You should select the method and the template you want to use for the pushing, and then select the target audience from your Facebook network, private network and customer network. Finally, add them into the Push List and just push it. It’s as easy as that!

Users will then received the coupon from email or SMS, which depends on the method you have used to push your coupon. With this, your users can use the coupon for redemption at your store right away! No need the hassle of downloading from the ponpon.my mobile app.

When user approach your store with the coupon, you can easily process it with your mobile device or desktop computer by scanning the QR code. You can also opt to enter the coupon code, email address or mobile phone number as verification. Then, fill in the order amount and redeem it. And you are DONE!

Besides directly pushing your coupon to users, they can also search for it on their mobile device. Of course, they need to installed the ponpon.my mobile app. To make it searchable, you just need to set the Distribution Channel to PUBLIC, and select the platform for distribution. Users can search it by category, location or by nearby search. Once they have found what they like, they can easily snip it on their mobile device.

As merchant, you can also distribute your coupon via print media. You just need to download the QR code on ponpon.my and paste it on your poster. Too much hassle? Don’t worry, you can also choose to print your poster directly from ponpon.my cloud coupon system. So at anywhere, anytime, your users can easily scan and snip the QR code from your printed poster using their ponpon.my mobile app.

Finally, managing your coupon is simple and easy, you can turn on or turn off your offer anytime, view all the transactional data, update your offer details and many more options from the ponpon.my cloud coupon system.

So, let’s head to "go.ponpon.my/merchant" now to start create your first coupon for free!

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Welcome to ponpon.my blog!


Welcome to ponpon.my Blog!

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